Wix poor customer support

Hello,Jesse,👋 Thank you for contacting Wix Customer Care. My name is Alex and I will be happy to help you today. How are you?

Hi Alex I am asking for an update on my escalated case the rep emailing keeps asking me the same questions over and over again. Can you please take a second to review my case and help them all info is clear noted on this case and live chat seems to be the only team willing to do their jobs and read through them

I need a refund for all charges I sent previously which i include time date name invoice number first 6 and last 4 of my credit card

I am extremely sorry for all the problems you’ve been facing lately with our product. Let me take a look

I do not wish to repeat any info I would like wix team to take the time to read and not ask the same questions your wix team is non responsive they have tried to close this case with no resolution and respond with sorry we will provide an update which only starts the case over with the same questions

I am working and will not be able to check this chat please do not leave.

before ending this chat I need

1. timeline for when wix will process this refund and when I can expect it in my bank

I do apologize! I do see your account was attacked, and someone changed your log in info and made some purchase. To be honest, this is out of my scope.

2. when will my domain pixelmingos.com be returned to my possesion.

I will transfer the chat, so another expert from the billing team  will be able to assist you further. 

This might take a few minutes. Thank you.  

thank please ask them to review this chat and previous ones all info needed is included I will be workling and will do my best to stay active here

please do not end this chat until those two questions are answered fully

are you able to transfer this info to your billing team? or will I need to repeat myself ?

No, worries! I have shared that information now

Chat was transferred

Alex left the conversation

Eugene joined the conversation

Hi Jesse

It’s Eugene here

Hope you’re doing fantastic

Jesse, I can see that my colleagues from the relevant department have emailed you asking certain questions

Please, reply to that email properly providing them with all the information they have asked for

They’re in the middle of investigation, and they need all the information. That’s why there might be some questions they need to double-check with you

what info?

I have answered all questions

I have pprovided that info please have them send me the info I have already provided and I will confirm

In this case, please, wait for their reply. You don’t need to open any additional tickets

Your case has been escalated and it’s under the investigation

My colleagues will reply you as soon as this is investigated

I am not stopping my work day to go to the bank and ask to print transcripts that I will than have to manually input into the your system for the second time

Jesse, once again, please, wait for their reply. Thank you!

I do not recieve replies

thats why I am reaching out

You will receive once they investigate it

please contact me with a supervisor

Please, just wait

on what it has been over a month

your team is asking the same questions

when tell you that your response is yeah your right we do have all the info just wait?

I totally understand, but these cases take some time

how are you investgating if you are asking for info you already have

your on the phone reps said that the investgation is complete that the refund is waiting approval

Jesse, your case is under the relevant department. They’re contacting only over the email

that was last week

now i am getting asked what charges?

that makes no sense

Once the investigation is over, they will reply to you via an email

Why am I being asked what charges?

does your team not now what charges ?

Because you’re opening new tickets and new people are replying to you. They don’t have any details over your case

they do

That’s why I’m asking you to wait for the reply over the email!

I dont get replies

Jesse, unfortunately, I can’t do anything for you right now

Once the investigation is over, they will reply!

this is the only place I recieve a response

Because you need to wait!

wait on what?

Until the relevant department that holds the investigation will contact you via an email

how long?

another month?

I don’t have this information, I’m not part of the investigation, unfortunately

I’ve just put your case to the high priority line

am i supposed to continue to pay monthly interest on this fraudulent 600$ charge?

That’s all I can do on my behalf, unfortunately

its been high prioty for weeks…

but it doesnt seem like it

Jesse, unfortunately, there’s nothing I can do for you at the moment

are you a billing specialist?

Yes, I am

can you tell me how long this case has been open?

As I can see for 21 days

You’ve claimed that the account has been hacked

And now other department is investigating it

This is not the billing case anymore

can I speak with the other department

You can’t do this over the chat, unfortunately

because being asked the same questiong to wait 2 days for a response which is indeed the same question is not going anywhere

They can be contacted only via an email

they do not respond

That’s why I’m aksing you to wait for their reply

They will respond

there responses are illogical

they ask the same questions

Jesse, once again, I can’t do for you anything at the moment. People who are doing the investigation can be reached only via an email

ok well are you able to see the past transactions Isent already?

What transactions?

the ones I requested a refund for I belivee it was 4 of them

Jesse, even if I could, I wouldn’t be able to do anything

your team asked for them

Until it is investigated by that department

they must need it

it is in the case notes which you and your team have access to

they have pulled them up in this very chat before

Jesse, I can’t do anything with those transactions until the investigation is done

I want to provide again the info so there is no more delay

Please, waiti for the reply from the relevant team

Yes, you can do this

And I will add that information to their case

Sure iw ill start this chat over until your team respoonds or I find a rep willing to help

this is going oon to long

you have the info please look it up and provide it to me

What do you want for me to provide?

please take the time to review my note extract relavent info the esclation needs because they asked for it and help move this case along so I stop having to contact wix

Once again, Jess, please, wait for the reply from the relevant team

the four charge I provided previously go ahead and confirm you recieved them please

I can’t do anything about your case at the moment, unfortunately

please confirm info recieved on wix end

can you confirm the info on the charges were recieved?

I don’t see this information because you have opened 19 different tickets

That’s why I was asking you to wait for the reply

yeah cause I dont get responses

To keep everythin under one email thread

Unfortunately, Jess, you just make it worse and slower by creating new tickets

I should not have to open because your team should be contacting me before I get a chance to open a new claim

That’s why it’s taking more time to investigate

Im gonna be much bigger apin if I dont get a response from the team ASAP

They will contact you once they have a proper reply

Until then, please, just wait

I will not

I have waited long enough

Then I can’t help you at the moment, unfortunately

then p[lease transfer me to someoone who can

I’ve explained to you previously that they can be contacted over the email

And that’s the only option

cause you wont take the time to read my notes

Nobody can be connected over the chat, unfortunately

you have been less than helpful

my notes can be reviewd and you refuse

use ctrl +f and find my transaction details and confirm they are there for the escaltion team that would be helpful

Please, wait for the reply from the relevant team

They have four invoices

That are in question

using “!” and telling me to wait will get you reviewed by the CSR managment team

please confirm the invoice details

I can’t do this, I’m sorry

in case I am asked for 6th time about this info

someone on this chat has done so in the past so I know that is a lie

another “billing specialist”

The only thing that I can share you with, are the invoice numbers

And that’s it, unfortunately

I talkk to you guys daily and Eugene you have been the least helpful and polite

please share them





These are four invoices

great thank you can you confirm they have identified these charges and the card info I provided? because the last rep said there was a problem with the card nuymber because of a reissue so I went to the bank and got old card info

is that info documented?

Yes, it is

I can see this information noted

Do I need to take off work again to go to the bank and resupply this info ?

No, this is not necessary at all

This information is noted

it was deemed fraudulent.

what is left to investigate?

I don’t have the asnwer to this question since I’m not from the relevant team

can you have them email before I end this chat

Unfortunately, I can’t. I left the notification for them already

They will respon to you


do they not respond to you either?

I get they dont talk to anyone

theyll probally ask something you already put in the notes for them

Jesse, this is an internal information, and I won’t be responding to this statement

Please, wait for an email from the relevant team

They’re supposed to properly explain everything


I don’t have this information, Jesse

I was told last week they were processing my refund and now there are still investgating why can I not get a straight story?

or one of these mystical escalation reps to talk to me

Jesse, I don’t have this information for you. What I could do – I have done

Please, wait for the email from them

what about my domain?

There’s nothing else I can do for you at this time, unfortunately

cause when I ask them about thtat they act Like they have no clue what I am talking about

Jesse, I don’t have this information

please take the time to look it up and update the team about it

I’ve left the notification for them already

Please, wait for the email from them!

cause if you dont know then they will ask me again and I will haver to open a new support ticket mudding the water even more

you can help by ensureing the info is in one spot for these guys

It’s on the spot

Thank you

what domain are they working on return?

I’m not from the relevant team, I don’t have the answer for you

if wix can ask me the same questions over and over I think it is fair I do the same to confirm wix is working to resolve the correct issue

you have acces to my notes

you found my invoices after lying and saying you couldnt

I’ve just explained to you that your case with another team under the investigation

They will contact you via an email

yes and I am asking you to help me navigate the process

At the moment there’s nothing that I can do for you

I’ve left the notification for them

And that’s all that can be done

you can confirm info

please confirm the domain that has been requested to be return and please confirm there are efforts being made to indeed return it

I don’t have this information, Jess

What I could, I’ve already confirmed

All other information can be discuseed only with the relevant team

Ive confirmed with other reps

Please, wait for an email from them

how can I discuss with them

becasue there next message will be a question I have already answered

I don’t know what will be their next message

I need an open line of communication

The bank will get one why not me

I’ve left the notification, and they will contact you with explanation of the case

I am trying to give wix an oppertuntiy to keep pmy business because I like the pleatform

but I havent had my website live for 2 month

Im better off starting off from scrtatch on a wordpress then wait any longer

Jesse, your case of the hacked account is under the investigation of the relevant team

They have been notified about this by me

And they will reply to you

Unfortunately, I can’t do anything for you at this time

You get them to promise a response today and I will be happy

Please, wait for the email from the relevant team

otherwise I will be reaching out via chat phone and email until I do

This is your right to do of course

You can reach us

But at the moment there’s nothing that can be done on my end

Thank you

great can you transfer me to a new rep to start over or should I refresh the page?

No, unfortunately, I can’t

If you don’t have other questions, I’m closing this chat